I first met Kathleen in April of 2016 by happen stance. It is apparent the universe had lon prior coordinated this divine connection because my life was forever changed.

I had recently lost my sister who literally held the other half of my heart. If you can iagine finishing each other’s sentences, thoughts and at times actions! Those were just a few descriptions to convey our bond. Sisters through fate, best friends by choice. We were the others father, mother and confidant throughout most of our life.

When I received the phone call that she had been in an accident, my sould felt as if it had been violently ripped apart. She was in a boating accident and found deceased after 3 gut wrenching days of relentless searching. I was crushed and lost in unbearable grief, wreathing with questions NO one could answer.

Then I met Kathleen! She graciously listened to my shaking voice on the other end of the phone while I choked through tears telling her that I had just lost a loved one in a very tragic accident. Immediatley she connected to my sister, and even asked me not to give any more information. She brought my sister through with such validation that my jaw hit the floor, and a chill ran down my spine to the degree that every hair I have stood on end. Yes, she had my attention… Yes she had connected to my sister, to my Brandee!

The very first message she gave addressed the very questions I had spent many sleepless, and sorrow filled nights repeating and asking in my mind like a record player gone mad! I had made myself sick under the heaviness of grief. Kathleen said ‘Your sister is telling me to let you know that she was driving a boat one minute and the next minute she was being scooped up by beautiful angels.’ She then said ‘she is showing me that she hit something very hard and immediately lost all sense of her physical body.’ She added a resounding note that she did not suffer! That it was lights out, or one second she was here and the next she was gone.

No one knew her cause of death! No one knwe what had happened to her! All we knew is she was in an accident and her boyfriend survived and couldn’t explain what happened either as it was night time when the tragedy occurred. Recently I received the report and investigation for her cause of death, and Kathleen NAILED the entire series of events as Brandee described them at 100% accuracy! I read the report and had chills run through my body all over again thanking God that Kathleen had given me this comfort long before any report was given!

Kathleen gave me answers that only Brandee could have gave. She gave me peace where there had only been pain. She gave me the reassurance that there is more beyond the veil of our daily lives. Something I always ‘thought’ I was sure of until my sisters death.

I could write a book in efforts to describe everything Kathleen validated and showed me, and still fall short of it all! She saw and described my sister in uniform (she was a sheriff deputy), she told me of the events and conversations that only Brandee and I had. She had peered in to the depth of my soul and brought my sister back to life in my heart! She told me that Brandee showed her I was a singer & musician and that I would write a song in her honor that would go on to touch the world with her by my side the whole way. And she was RIGHT! I did write a song that seemed to fall from the sky, in the exact timeframe she had told me. This happened during a time when I couldn’t even bear to look at my guitar, let alone play and sing… My sister pushed through and gave me the lyrics and chords in such a way that the song practically wrote itself!!! Since then I have begun working with a producer in Nashville, and am now diligently working to her her song out there to spread a message of love and hope to ALL who have experienced the sting of death.

There truly are so many more things Kathleen predicted that have ALL been 100% accurate and on point. For the sake of this testimonial not being a full blown book, I will finish by saying this: If you ever had any question or doubt that TRUE mediums really exist, look no farther! Kathleen will connect you with yourself and your loved ones in ways that will blow your mind away! I promise you can’t walk away from a reading from her without the knowledge that there is life beyond the grave! Trust me, I am living testimony to this truth! One cannot put a dollar sign on inner peace, and that my friends is exactly what a session with Kathleen Moore will yield for you! Don’t miss the opportunity, she will rock your world!!!!

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