When I had my first reading with Kathleen Moore my only reason for going was to see if my loving Mother would come through for me. Before I even sat down Kathleen said you wanted your Mother to come through and boy is she here. I never got to say good bye to my Mom and tell her how much I Love Her. She had a massive heart attack and died doing what she loved. It was awesome to hear from her to know that she is doing fine and is at peace. It was like a heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulders. She also spoke through Kathleen and told me how proud she was of what I have accomplished in my life. That meant the world to me. My Father also came through that day as well as my grandmother. I have been back to see Kathleen a couple more times and have even taken friends of mine to see her as well and they all have been very pleased and surprised with each of their readings. Kathleen knew things about each one of them that she would have no way of knowing.

Kathleen Moore is such a pleasant down to earth loving person. I love chatting with her when ever I get the chance. She is such a comforting person and a joy to be around. I hope to have many more readings from Kathleen. She does not keep anything back and tells it like it is. Each time I learn something new about my spiritual journey and how to get to where I need to be in my spiritual journey. I believe she is a blessing that was sent to me and I have made a friend for life. I so enjoy talking with her.

If you truly want to make your life better and maybe get rid of the weight of some issues you may be struggling with I highly recommend setting an appointment with Kathleen Moore for a reading. You will not be disappointed.

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Patricia P. said